Now Booking for the 2017 wedding and engagement season contact us for more info!
Silver Package 1 Dinner Plate
1 Cake Plate
1 Gold Dinner Fork
1 Gold Dinner Knife
1 Gold Cake Fork
(salad fork size)
$3.95 per person
GOLD PACKAGE 1 Dinner Plate
1 Salad/App Plate
1 Cake Plate
1 Gold Dinner Fork
1 Gold Dinner Knife
1 Gold Teaspoon
1 Gold Cake Fork
$5.95 per person
Diamond Package 1 Dinner Plate
1 Salad/App Plate
1 Bread and 1 Cake Plate
1 Gold Dinner Fork
1 Gold Salad Fork
1 Gold Dinner Knife
1 Gold Dinner Teaspoon
1 Gold Cake Fork
$7.95 per person
Triple Stack Special When you rent all three styles: dinner, salad, and cake. Plates $1 each
A La Carte $1.50 Dinner Plates (425 available)
$1.25 Salad/Snack Plate (325 available)
$1.00 Cake Plate (425 available)
$2.00 Vintage Glass Goblet (300 available)
$0.95 Gold Flatware
$2.50 Tea Cup + Saucer Set (150 available)
$8.00 Tea Pot
$15.00 Anthro-Inspired or Wood & Lace
Dreamcatcher Set
$4.00 Small Plate Snack Stacker
$5.00 Medium Plate Snack Stacker
$6.00 Large Plate Snack Stacker
$3.00 Small Mismatched Platter
$4.00 Medium Mismatched Platter
$5.00 Large Mismatched Platter
Delivery + Pick Up Now Available Pick up will be available
for 2017, email for
more information.
FAQ 1. There is a $50.00 security deposit added to every order. This will be refunded within 14 days of the event date
assuming any breakage invoices have been paid in the contracted 5 day payment period.
2. When is a deposit need? A deposit of 50% is needed at the time of booking. No exceptions, dates/inventory will
not be held until paymentis received.
3. When is the balance Needed? 30 days prior to event.
4. Ooops, some pieces were broken... If any damage occurs (breakage/chips/cracks) the renter will be assessed at
10 times the rental cost of each item. An invoice will be issued within 2 business days. Payment is due within
5 business days of receipt of invoice.
5. My event is cancelled. WillI get my deposit back? The deposit will be refunded 90% if cancellation is 30
days prior to event, and refunded 75% for 30-14 days prior. If cancellation is less than 14 days prior, we
cannot offer any refund.
6. How can I pay Unique Settings? You may pay by cash, check, or card (5% convenience fee) at this time.
7. The china is mismatched. What does that mean? We have over 1,000 pieces which are not all from the same
sets, so I have mixed them together to provide a truly elegant, unique look for each event.
8. How to return the china? It should be returned scraped free of solids in the same containers in which it was
9. Is there a delivery charge? Yes, delivery is assessed at $1.50 per mile.
10. China must be hand washed! **DO NOT wash the china** The dishes will be picked up dirty and must be
scraped free of food, cake, etc. and re-packed with the containers in which they were delivered.
11. Table styling (setting up your plates) is available for $50 per hour, with 1 hour minimum. This charge will
be separately contracted with your order based on total time spent to complete the styling.

NOTE: $50.00 minimum on all orders. Excludes tax and delivery fess.